Fix: How To Fix Xbox One Wired Controller Not Working On Windows 10

Sometimes your system may give an error that the Xbox One Windows 10 Wired Controller is not working. This problem can have many causes. According to experts, if you’re getting the “USB Devices Not Recognized” message, the problem might be that the controller isn’t properly paired with your PC. To save this, simply press the pairing control button on the adapter and then press the pairing button on the controller.

Reconnect Your Xbox One Controller

Often, a Windows 10 mobile PC can’t detect your Xbox One simply because the app isn’t properly paired with the wireless device. If you’re using a USB as your game controller, you should reconnect it first instead of trying additional workarounds.

xbox one wired controller not working windows 10

As A Result, Your Xbox One Controller Won’t Work With Your PC

Based on user reports We have found that there are many common situations where the Xbox One controller does not work on PC. Some users have received the error message “The USB device did not recognize the Xbox One controller on the PC” or “The Xbox One controller does not connect to the PC”, etc.

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Why Doesn’t My Computer Actually Recognize My Xbox One Controller?

Yes If you’re trying to connect a Wi-Fi (Bluetooth) enabled Xbox One controller to your computer but it won’t connect to help you, your computer or your computer doesn’t recognize this, your PC’s Bluetooth driver may be faulty. This problem can be solved thanks to the Bluetooth driver. Also, if you want to do this, we recommend that you try the Bluetooth troubleshooter and see if and when it helps. If your Xbox One Bluetooth controller was working properly, it should be available in this list of Bluetooth devices. Remove and re-add all Bluetooth devices.

Fix: Xbox One Controller Not Working On PC

Here is a list of various fixes that experts say can solve the problem. A computer not recognizing an Xbox One controller error ranges from simple errors like reconnecting the main controller, to replacing the USB cable, to some technical solutions like reinstalling device drivers. You should try the following solutions one by one and you will definitely find a method that works great on your PC.

Update Windows 11 From PC On Each Of The Latest Versions Of Xbox. The Problem With The Controller Can Definitely Be Caused By A Pest In Windows 11 (the Operating System Is Still At An Early Stage) Or An Incompatibility Of The Controller With Windows PC (this Is A Few Hits Behind The Latest Version Of Windows 16).

xbox One Wired Controller Not Working Windows 10

Test Your Xbox 360 Controller Battery

You first need to make sure your Xbox 360 controller batteries are working properly on Windows 10. To complete this step, you can insert a new AA battery into your Xbox 360 controller.

Xbox Controller Not Working. Connect To PC Via Bluetooth

Newer Xbox One controllers can be paired with any PC. r via the Bluetooth function. So this part doesn’t apply to older controller models based on a proprietary standard and just requiring a key.