How To Install Onedrive On Chromebook And How To Fix It?

You may encounter an error message when installing Onedrive on a Chromebook. Well, there are several ways to solve this problem, and we will cover them shortly.

Work With Files Just Like On A Regular PC

Once you set it up yourself, your files will be as accessible as they are on a PC. This fixes a major issue when using a Chromebook. If you need a Word document from Dropbox, just go to the Dropbox website and easily download it to your computer from the cloud.

Stream From Your PC To Your Chromebook

Another option is to use Microsoft Office on your PC and then stream it to your Chromebook. This can be an advantage as you have the option to run a full PC version of a laptop or computer. Will it have all the benefits and features and will there be no compromises? The main downside is that you need another live computer. True, in this case, you can use the device with a specific full-fledged desktop operating system. However, it’s a great way to use Microsoft Office on your Chromebooks while on the go.

How To Grant An App Access To Additional Storage

In the top right corner of the App button is the actual button with four dots ,located one above the other. If your entire family clicks on it and finds “Settings” in the context menu that appears, you should be able to open it:

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