Troubleshooting And Troubleshooting SSD Defrag In Windows 7

Over the past week, several readers have told us about their experience with defragmenting an SSD in Windows 7. The answer is short, and you won’t be able to easily defragment an authoritative state drive. At best it will probably do nothing, at worst it will do nothing for your performance and everything will consume write cycles. If you’ve done this multiple times, it won’t cause you much trouble and won’t damage your current SSD.


Defragmenting using an SSD is a bad idea, and Windows 7 (should it?) be smart enough not to schedule defragmentation on suitable drives.

However, I opened up my system defrag utility and to my surprise found that my SSD had indeed been defragmented… quite recently!

defrag solid state drive windows 7

I then checked if the hard drives selected for defragmentation were allowed (I connected to ssd a normal hard drive) and only all non-SSD drives are correctly listed in this list.

This post on the MSDN forums indicates that, at least in Windows 8, defragmenting an SSD drive will likely result in nothing more than being sent to the TRIM command, although there is no word on what will eventually happen when you try to positively defrag an SSD in Windows 8 (apart from the fact that it shouldn’t happen automatically).

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What happens in Windows 7 when you choose a defrag time and an SSD? What could have caused my SSD to defragment?

I was just talking about this – I moved some folders (Users as well as ProgramData) of my Marketplace ssd drive to my normal drive using connections. This question suggests that it shouldn’t affect the defragmentation process at all, but could it now affect the “last run” of disk defragmentation?

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defrag solid state drive windows 7


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Should I defrag my SSD Windows 7?

SSD cannot be defragmented. While defr Although segmentation can improve performance associated with standard hard drives, defragmenting SSDs does not provide a performance boost, but rather reduces performance (see Optimizing SSD performance and defragmentation) by turning it off.

How do I defrag my SSD Windows 7?

In Windows Explorer, right click on the partition, then ssd, click Properties. In the Tools tab, without hesitation, click … defragmentation Then we get access to disk defragmentation, If intentional defragmentation is activated, click the “Configure in scheduling” button of the defragmenter disk, then disable reserved defragmentation. (SSD)

Should I disable Disk Defrag and SuperFetch in Windows 7?

Windows 7 is designed to mechanically disable certain features, such as when using Disk Defrag and Superfetch, which it recognizes as Solid as State Hard (SSD). To make sure that I like disabling components globally, I know that I won’t be putting extra strain on the SSDs and shortening their lifespan.

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