How To Fix Bluetooth Problems On Win 8

You may encounter an error code that says Bluetooth Win 8. Coincidentally, there are several steps you can take to resolve this issue, which we will cover shortly.

bluetooth win 8

Is Bluetooth available in Windows 8?

Turning on Bluetooth in Windows 8 can be easy. Follow the instructions below, but you will be able to use this feature very quickly.

Turn Bluetooth On And Off In Windows 8.1

To turn it off in Windows 8.1, go to PC > PC settings related to devices > Bluetooth. Or you need to press the Windows key and launch the search engine from the screen and select Bluetooth settings from the results.

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Download And Install The Bluetooth Driver

You must have the correct updated and additional Bluetooth driver for Bluetooth to work properly on your Windows computer.There are two ways to get your own bluetooth driver: manual and automatic…The download may install your bluetooth driver. You can manually update the driver by going to the device manufacturer’s website and searching for the correct driver for your Bluetooth adapter. But if you choose this approach, always choose a vehicle that is compatible with your specific hardware version and type of Windows.

Issue 2: Bluetooth Platforms Disconnect After A While

This is mainly caused by power settings. Windows 8.1 has multiple devices (incl.Bluetooth settings) are automatically registered by the operating system so that they can be enabled. You can solve this unique problem by changing your power settings.

Enable Bluetooth Larger Laptops Have A Special Option To Enable Bluetooth R/C And Leave Everything On Standby. Send Files Or Receive Or Possibly Communicate With Another Bluetooth-enabled Device While Small Laptops Or Notebooks Use The “Fn” Key In Combination With A Function Key Such As “F3” Or One Of The Other Logo Keys Bluetooth. Note That You Cannot Access The Bluetooth Settings Screen Unless The PC Hardware (Bluetooth Radio) Is Already Enabled. If You’ve Just Updated Your Old Device To Windows 8.1 And Haven’t Downloaded And Installed The Bluetooth Driver, You Probably Won’t Be Able To Enable The Bluetooth Radio In All PC Settings, But If Your Laptop Did Update To Windows 8.1, So Sometimes You Won’t Have Problems Enabling Or Disabling The New Bluetooth Feature Outside Of New PC Settings.

bluetooth Win 8

How To Set MissingWhat Are The Bluetooth Drivers?

1) On your keyboard, press the Windows Custom Logo Theme key + the X key at the same time to open one of our shortcut menus. 2) Then click “Device Manager”. 3) Right-click Bluetooth on driver products under Bluetooth.

Where Is The Bluetooth Option In Windows 8?

Press the Windows Home key (logo) and C, or swipe from the right side of the screen to open the charms man. Also select the “Settings” icon, then click “Change PC settings”. Select Wireless. Change Bluetooth wireless or even the setting to enable it.

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